Zero dating drama dating time to engagement

Posted by / 26-Oct-2017 04:13

Zero dating drama

I don`t care about the ratings, a lot of underrated dramas are really good.

There's nothing more to say about this horrible drama -- the ratings says it all.

There are dramas and movies which leave in the viewers a beautiful and warm feeling after they end. Jang Na Ra is such a great actress, I really like she's in my top 10's favorite actress... for me the reason i like this drama the character both amazing, they deliverate as a good actor and actress as in natural act.think first before you comment.

but I don't understand why I don't see any spark chemistry between her and Jung Kyung Ho in this drama, maybe I'm still hook of how Jung Kyung Ho showed his best on his 2015 previous drama "Falling For Innocence" he build up a better spark chemistry with his leading lady there actress Kim So Yeon. Jang Nara and Jung Kyung Ho are compatible, great natural chemistry into each other, seemed their own real life. The Mimo and Soo hyuk are ridiculously bad and so unethical in the 12th episode.

Such a downgrade for Jung Kyungho after the amazing Cruel City and Falling for Sung Jung. Yo In-Na courageously rocks her crazy hair and is absolutely gorgeous "o-naturel".

The sidekick in crime stalking celebrities utters the most logical sound advise I have ever heard. Mi Mo started to fall out of love with Hae Joon because he was not romantic enough and her needs were not being met.

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