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“We want to build Workplace like we built Facebook,” Codorniou said.“We [first] put everyone on the same network and connect them…It’s been once year since Workplace, Facebook’s social network designed specifically for businesses and other organizations, came out of beta to take on the likes of Slack, Atlassian, Microsoft and others in the world of enterprise collaboration.Now, with 30,000 organizations using Workplace across some 1 million groups (more than double the figures Facebook published April), Facebook is stepping on the gas again.Slack now has thousands of apps in its App Directory that can now be integrated into your own Slack experience.Facebook, on the other hand, has not been as aggressive in building out that aspect of the Workplace platform, with the primary integrations being with some of the more popular services on the market today like Box, Microsoft, Dropbox and Quip/Salesforce.However, the new desktop apps — for both PC and Mac — are a hat tip that there are, in fact, a lot of those desk-sitters using Workplace, too.

Previously, the video features in Workplace were limited to live video broadcasts and one-to-one video conversations.Alongside the new apps and features, Facebook is also updating the overall design of Workplace to simplify the interface and make it consistent across Android, i OS, desktop and web: Workplace has positioned itself as the collaboration platform for everyone in your organization — not just those who are so-called “knowledge workers” who are at desks most of the day.The idea is that everyone, from executive to barista to warehouse assistant, will find Workplace easy to use because, well, it looks and feels a lot like the hugely popular Facebook.But my guess is that this is not near the end of where Facebook plans to go.Its sights are set not just on helping people communicate what they are working on to each other, but to actually help them get that work done.

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In Experiment 1, we investigated user reactions to the physical realism of the background scene in which a virtual human was displayed.