Speed dating sydney west

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Speed dating sydney west

Moreover, critics identify how any real potential afforded by Facebook is limited by commercial stratifications of the platform. 136–143.doi: https://doi.org/10.1080/15505170.2016.1150226, accessed 20 October 2017.

This paper, however, takes a different approach and proposes a philosophy of Facebook.

Contents Introduction Part 1: Facebook Part 2: Conceptual Speed Dating Part 3: Close Reading using Facebook Tools for jimmying experience Introduction There is a minor practice, used regularly by a group of artists, academics and writers, called Conceptual Speed Dating (CSD).

Some of scholars use the practice in their classrooms too, engaging undergraduate students in course content and discussion (Massumi, 2015).

Content, provided by publishers, advertisers and (non-professional) users, includes written articles, video, podcasts, image-based media (advertisements, infographics) and music.

It is fair to say that a large amount of time spent on Facebook involves reading content.

Finally, in part three, Facebook and CSD are put together, and Close Reading using Facebook (CRF) is outlined.

A CRF example is provided, a teaching event from an Australian university in 20 called (2009) argued that Web 2.0 can facilitate learners’ creative practices, in the forms of interconnections, content creation and remixing [5].

That perspective recognizes an immanent structure of user and content and proposes it as a form of resistance (or “play”) to Facebook’s underlying commercial determinism.

According to current sources, there are more than 1,500 posts of content per week in the average user’s network of friends, followers, groups and pages followed (Oremus, 2016).

The average user sees about 100 stories per day (pieces of content) in their News Feed (Kolowich, 2016).

Facebook contributes speed, strengthening immanence and rhizoanalysis, exploding reading and allowing more opportunities for creativity.

In developing this argument about an immanent reading practice using Facebook, this paper draws on teaching events at an Australian university in 20.

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