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As the clinical presentation of late-life depression does vary tremendously from depression at other ages, this mental health disorder can lead to major impairments - including death - in older adults.

This is why family and friends must remain vigilant and aware of the symptoms of late-life depression and encourage loved ones to seek treatment immediately.

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"Sequel-Pomegranate treats mental health disorders, behavioral health disorders, teens referred to us in crisis with suicidal or homicidal ideation or psychosis, teens in need of shelter care, or facing juvenile court charges. We are a secure residential facility providing an intensive level of therapy that is both evidence based and from a trauma-informed care perspective.

With advances in the understanding of depression and its treatment, late-life depression is highly treatable and can lead to improved quality of life and reduction of the severe effects of untreated depression.""At Jones-Wood Psychological Associates, Inc., our mission is to provide high quality, comprehensive mental health services.

Areas of service include neurology, psychology, OT, speech and language, psychological/neuropsychological testing, and ABA therapy.Due to the stresses of older adulthood, late-life depression is often more common than once thought.These stresses may include increased medical conditions, greater levels of disability, grief over the loss of friends and loved ones, and increasing fears over both health and financial security.Our educated and licensed practitioners all have many years of working experience and expertise in an array specialties.Our clients struggle with a diversity of concerns which deserve to be addressed properly, promptly, and with complete confidentiality.

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Unfortunately, many elderly individuals dismiss even the most intense episodes of depression as a normal part of the aging process and do not report their own symptoms or receive proper treatment.

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