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Hibernatetemplate not updating

Therefore, the service object is unaware of the actual DAO implementation details. Additionally, each DAO method should include its own duplicated exception-handling implementation.

package com.packtpub.springhibernate.ch13;import org.hibernate. These are exactly the problems that motivate us to use Spring with Hibernate.

The object takes a reference to the data source in operation.

The hbm file and the Model class is as below: In the above code there is no open session or close session code.

These classes are used exclusively for communicating with the data tier.

The purpose of this pattern is to separate persistence-related code from the application's business logic, which makes for more manageable and maintainable code, letting you change the persistence strategy flexibly, without changing the business rules or workflow logic.

Their Session Factory property is configured and set up via the Spring context. In this case, you need to use object is configured, you can configure DAO implementations as beans in the Spring context.

In implementation of data access tier, the Service Facade Pattern is always used in addition to the DAO pattern.

This pattern indicates using an intermediate object, called service object, between all business tier objects and DAO objects.

Spring provides its own exception hierarchy, which sits on the exception hierarchies of the O/R mapping tools it supports.

It catches any database exception or error that might be thrown through JDBC, or the underlying O/R mapping tool, and translates the caught exception to a corresponding exception in its own hierarchy. Collection;public class Hibernate Student Dao implements Student Dao object as a server-side resource object in the Spring context.

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