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Free text chat with real nude girls

"All right then, I guess you need a further lesson in being a good girl," Jennifer responded.

The girls marched the sissified boy over to the vanity bench and sat him down.

The topic had been woman's liberation, and he had done a real job on his opponent.

It wasn't a tough subject for Peter to debate--girls should stay at home and do girl's stuff and that was all there was to it.

"We're going to get rid of all that nasty hair Peter so that you'll be smooth all over, just like a girl," Karen giggled.

The girls proceeded to dress the trapped boy, giggling and teasing him further with each article of girlish clothing, and taking more pictures along the way. I want you to tell us how much you want to wear it and thank all of us for helping you be such a pretty little girl", Jennifer teased. He hadn't said a word during the entire ordeal, and couldn't find it in himself to betray his masculinity.

"I don't plan to pierce your ears or give you a perm either, but if you don't learn your lessons soon I may just have to do that too," she threatened. Can I please put it on and show you what a good little girl I can be?

Prissy was led back to the bed where the dress lay and was again given the opportunity to humiliate himself. " The girls made him repeat this several times, first in a feminine lisping voice, and then followed by a curtsey to each of his tormentors.

Sally picked up a pair of pink rumba panties, dripping with row upon row of lace ruffles and bows. The panties were slowly pulled up his legs, and to Peter's horror, as the soft material glided against his smooth skin he felt his penis harden. A pink vest, matching his panties, was pulled over his head, and as he lowered his arms a bright flash blinded his eyes.

"Would you like to put on your little panties now sweetheart? Karen smiled broadly from behind her Polaroid camera.

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His mind frantically searched for a way out of this embarrassment but he drew a blank. "Oh yes you will wear them," Jennifer added with a wide smile, "Unless you want us to make you walk out through the front door like that," she threatened. Well its about time you found out what its like to be one.

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