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The employees not involved in the personal relationships outside of work may feel left out.The development of cliques takes away from the idea of teamwork and collaboration within the workplace.The cliques can also contribute to decreased morale in the workplace.Based in the Midwest, Shelley Frost has been writing parenting and education articles since 2007.These negative dynamics can filter into the workplace in general.The employees who fraternize naturally have a closer relationship with one another than with other colleagues.” They continued, “We will be punishing people for having relationships with each other—relationships that should be none of our business anyway!

Irrespective of whether the supervisor shows favoritism, other employees often perceive the situation as advantageous for the subordinate involved with a supervisor.

The other staff members may make accusations against the couple or friends who fraternize outside of work.

In extreme cases, the situation can result in a formal complaint filed against the supervisor or company.

If employees feel the fraternization puts them at a disadvantage, they are less likely to feel appreciated, decreasing overall morale.

Personal relationships often go through difficult periods, whether the involved parties are dating or just friends.

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For example, the subordinate might not get in trouble for breaking workplace rules.