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Dating advice bookstore

A huge Jennifer Weiner fan, she planned to drive to Vroman’s solo since no one was really keen to go.

Her boyfriend didn’t want her to drive alone, so he offered to tag along.

Many others have either met a future spouse around the piles of books or have strengthened their connection with their partner at one of Vroman’s many social engagements.

Natalie was in a happy relationship, but her boyfriend didn’t share her interest in books.

That was more than 23 years ago, and they’re still going strong.

You can find your page-turning tribe by going in solo, or you can initiate your friends or partner into the joy of reading by bringing them along.

Natalie and her boyfriend’s, as well as Phil and Susan’s, stories are just two of the many tales of love being ignited at Vroman’s.

In fact, the bookstore has dedicated a good chunk of its Tumblr feed and a blog series to broadcasting customer love stories to the world.

You can also head in for Story Time and visit with the Taco Dragon.

And the bookstore’s trivia nights offer prime opportunities to meet other fact-loving history buffs.

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