Classic american dating online for singles

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Classic american dating online for singles

Chuck out your Kings of Leon collection and put this 10-minute monster on loop.32 Pulp Underwear Different Class, 1995 Modern songs portraying sex as threatening and murky are rare, and one this accessible is unique.Keyboard player Rick Wright here contributed by far the best song to Floyd’s most underrated album. Probably the most quintessentially REM-ish song the band ever wrote.Lovely, swirly brass; lashings of trippy English pastoral; ace key and tempo changes. It stands for Swan Swan Hummingbird, of course, and like so many tracks from their cultish, early, gnomic, mumbly period is almost entirely incomprehensible and thus happily free of leaden political significance.

10 Franz Ferdinand Jacqueline Franz Ferdinand, 2004 ‘It’s always better on holiday’ runs the Glasgow band’s supremely catchy chorus. 11 Velvet Underground Venus in Furs Velvet Underground & Nico, 1967 Thumping, incessant and threateningly demonic, Venus in Furs is the highlight of the New Yorkers’ Andy Warhol-produced album.Airplay alone soon saw it become a rock chart-topper.29 Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway For All We Know Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway, 1971 This Coots/Lewis standard from 1934 is heartbreaking enough in Nat King Cole’s famous version, even though, under scrutiny, the lyrics suggest a slick-talking seduction effort.33 Joni Mitchell Down to You Court & Spark, 1974 Joni Mitchell is the most accomplished lyricist pop has ever known, and from the end of the Sixties to the mid-Seventies her words, voice and melodic invention were peerless.Mitchell excels on vocals, clavinet and the messiness of modern love.

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14 Genesis Supper’s Ready Foxtrot, 1972 ‘Walking across the sitting room I turned the television o-off…’ You’re not supposed to admit to liking winsome, early Seventies, public-schooly progressive art rock songs lasting more than 20 minutes. Then Young’s winsome, sweet, quavery little-boy-lost voice comes to the rescue ‘Country girl I think you’re purrtyy…’ 16 The Streets Wouldn’t Have it Any Other Way A Grand Don’t Come for Free, 2004 Should he stay in with his girlfriend or go out?