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However, Aramco's pay scheme really shows it's legs if you stick around for a while.

Unfortunately Saudi Arabia suffers from "plane crash" syndrome.As Nevrekar accurately said, you put ten years in here and you're set.At the interview we're told "Stay with Aramco ten years and you can build any house want, stay 20 and you can put it on top of any mountain you want." Vic falls into the latter category so I'm pretty certain financial security is no longer his main motivation for sticking around.That is to say, everyone makes a huge fuss when there is a disaster but statistically speaking you are more likely to die crossing a busy road.Anyway, my two cents (actually more like a buck fifty! All always the grass is always greener on the other side. I calculated that each year at ARAMCo was about equal to 3 years of work stateside, financially speaking.

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